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Alternative Tobacco Products: Competitors for E-Cigarettes Call – Philip Morris Press | message

Philip Morris, Chief Executive Officer, said: "We are investing in a full advertising budget for our alternative tobacco products.Marlborough"), Andr Calantzopoulos, most recently" Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung "(November 4th): All smokers are about $ 1,000 ($ 890) and" marketing is too expensive "and switched to" Iqos " Morris Tobacco Heating System does not heat but burn, but classic electronic cigarette evaporates all of your favorite liquids.

On Wednesday, the German boss, Markus Essing, intends to introduce the goal of the country in Hamburg. In major cities such as Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin and Hanja, special sales outlets were held. "IQOS" should be explained to the customer, said FAS CEO. "It's like renewable energy or that. Train"Phillip Morris's strongest market in Japan was the brand" Iqos "in just four years, 15% of the tobacco market, and there were 2-3% new entrants.

As a result of estimating Reemtsma, the second largest German tobacco company in Hamburg, electronic cigarettes have not yet increased. "The next generation of products that are less harmful to health within the next few years will account for a third of the market," said Michael Kaib, CEO of Reemtsma. Currently, the market share is about 3%. In October, the company's electronics "myBlu" was distributed nationwide.

Competitor BAT starts with "Vype". "Traditional cigarettes will remain a core business for many years and will enable the investment needed for next generation products." According to Philip Morris, "Iqos" has spent about $ 4.5 billion in research and development costs.

Electronic cigarettes are found to be healthier than traditional tobacco. But skeptics refer to the lack of long-term experience with new products.

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