Saturday , January 22 2022

AfD sold gold over Switzerland


The German rectal populist had a heavy gold trading through Switzerland. The financier is the bailiff and election Thurgauer August von Finck.

Secret money goes from Switzerland to German parties – was there something? 20 years after Helmond Kohl's black box office, the Federal Republic is now surrendered to anonymous donations: Who is behind a payment from Zurich after the AFD? Who financing the right-wing populists from abroad, is according to the German law? What is the secretary of group Alice Weidel (39)?

Formerly, the Confederation or a home for disarmed German magnets in 't twilight.

The baron or party sponsor

Now is a small light in darkness: an important role in & # 39; The rise of the anti-Merkel party AfD (alternative to Germany) plays as the "weekly magazine" and the "talk", the Finnish billion dollar industrial family.

The things of Finck took two decades ago south of the Rhine; The patron, Baron August von Finck junior (88), lives in Thurgau-Castle Weinfelden.

His clan would be the AfD from the beginning as a sponsor on his side. As a result of the background, Ernst Knut was appointed (74), director of the facet administration. Steel sold the contacts to a PR company, organized donations. He sent the plan to find an AfD-tight newspaper, a platoon called "Germany Kurier" was born.

Steel is said to have been on March 1, 2017 in Munich (D) about the media project: "There is a street in New York, there are all investment banks, lawyers and so on. Not here, they want to relinquish Germany. "He believes that this statement should be made.

Steel is well connected by its mandates in Switzerland – he is located in various companies and foundations registered in Basel and in the Zug of canton.

"His right is only Genghis Khan"

That's his boss from Finck has a weakness for national conservative positions and parties is not new. "Just to the judge of Gustl is Genghis Khan," said a friend of August August.

How far their assistance is with the AFD is, however, only clear: The living gold trade, the AFD operated under the leadership of the strange woman Petry (43) and Bernd Lucke (56) the Finck company Degussa Sun / Moon Gold Trading AG in Cham ZG. The party implies the sale of gold pieces up to two million euros.

In addition, Finck made a public announcement for herself for the first time with her involvement as Mövenpick investments and co-owners of Von Roll and SGS.

Political patronage is a family retention: August von Finck senior (1898-1980) was considered a follower of Hitler and a Nazi supporter.

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