Friday , July 30 2021

Wennerholm: A clean scandal in eyes

fanMats Wennerholm

Finland was a sensitive world championship in women's hockey.

For just under eight minutes.

The biggest hit ever in ice hockey history – before 2-1 at & # 39; a long round failed.

I think it was just weird.

Yes, it was a Finnish loss in the end and I am still reluctant to follow & # 39; a dramatic end, where the heart of Finnish woman was.

And I still curse the decision that someone who made Petra Nieminen's goal at a long rank. A clean scandal in your eyes.

She had failed her with the American goal Alex Rigsby, who made it far from his goal. but then the game failed after the long pause and goal, Rigsby went out to send out!

It makes it even more incomprehensible.

I can understand whether the Finns were questioning what was the biggest sharpness in the ice hockey – including the lords.

It would be best for women's hockey to be successful if one could succeed in national national domination.

But just until the last was a feat.

At the earlier 18 World Cup tournaments, Canada and the United States could enter & # 39; a final came.

Old Soviet Big Red Machine was not near the superiority of these two peoples.

It has been the same in five of six Olympic tournaments.

The USA and Canada have understood the drawings every time, except as a Swedish wonder.

It was in Turin in 2006 that Sweden expanded America's half-finals and lost the US to a final against Canada (1-4).

By two of the hockey horses at the same time, they did not feel realistic, nor was it.

But as close as Finland came, one never did.

Already done & # 39; t you Canada in & # 39; the half final of & # 39; hitting the World Cup, I saw it as the biggest horror of hockey hockey since the Swedish miracle Turin.

But to throw both Canada and the US into the same tournament?

No, this time, it wasn't, even though it wasn't the flame of a Finn. They really have something they could.

And if some gold is in Finland, then the jury has to stop thinking. Even though there was no gold.

The final of Starum Noora Räty of Finland was of course the one that had kept Finland in this game, as Kim Martin was this week in the Swedish goal.

During regular times, Räty took 36 of 37 American shots.

Riety is a well-paid occupation in China and deserves as much as a man-player in SM-Liiga.

She was recruited to make the international hockey for the Winter Olympics in Beijing in 2022, with the chances of investing heavily.

The thing is that women are crowns at this level, if the development stays and the girls have the same financial terms as the Finns.

Sweden was after a while after the Olympic bronze in Salt Lake City in 2002 and the Olympic silver in Turin.

Then everyone knows how.

Right out.

And in the same world cup where the Finns made a success, the Swedes went out of 2-3 A group for the first time to 2-3 first & # 39; a crucial group play against Japan.

Now it is an ocean between the two peoples.

Everything in everything feels like it.

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