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Walking activity increases at work |


Those who board the trails at office desks became physically active during working hours. A walkway can be a good way to improve your health. However, for health, it is important to review the design of your entire workplace and consider how physical activity outside of work hours will appear.

In her paper, Dr. Fremer Bergmann (Ph.D. in Health and Clinical Medicine at Umeå University) hired 80 clerks for 13 months, half of whom were able to get a walkway from their desks, I had to work as usual. The gang group was invited to use this band for at least one hour per day. Physical activity, sitting, other body measurements, and brain function were routinely measured during the study. At the conclusion of this study, participants were interviewed about their walking experience.

The working band actually increased the time and took more action than the control group. The difference was the largest at first, but after 13 months, the compulsory group had 22 minutes more walking time and 1600 more steps per day than the control group.

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Unlike the positive effects during working hours, the two groups reduced moderate to high intensity exercise in their spare time. There was also no significant difference between groups regarding body measurements, such as waist circumference or memory capacity, over time. On the other hand, there was a negative correlation between sedentary sedation and the size of the brain, the important memory center of the hippocampus. Very sitting is associated with small hippocampus. This relationship was seen in the older part of the trial group, 51-67 years of age. However, more research is needed to determine if a reduction in scaffolding can have a positive impact on the hippocampus.

"Working ties provide an opportunity to increase physical activity in the office, but without doing a variety of work in a physical or social work environment, it can not be a solution in itself," says Frida Bergman.

Paper :
Aggressive workstations: NEAT methods to prevent and treat overweight and obesity?

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