Thursday , January 20 2022

The researcher: Even if you have Vitamin D vitamins – News in Nybro – 24 hours limit


It was a summer and warm summer in Sweden this year, and those who have lived abroad have had a lot of vitamin D from the sun. When the ultraviolet ultraviolet ultraviolet is released on a skin, a chemical reaction begins to commence Vitamin D, and the sun is the absolute best source of vitamins. During a really sunny summer day, the body can significantly increase vitamin D than a more relevant daily intake for a quarter to 20 minutes.

But how long is it? Previously, the body Vitamin D Vitamins? Because the fat is liver, it is stored in the body fat tissue, but not long, writes.

"Who thinks that it is enough until the other summer is bad. Vitamin D has a half age between three weeks and two months, says Johan Malm, Professor of Clinical Chemistry Lund university to

One can expose sun will be converted into vitamin D in the body by the end of autumn equinox, but then the sun is too low to give vitamin D, writes the site. Then it is for at least two months when it is stored in the fat tissue of the body. But how big is his stock and how long it is enough, is individual, according to Johan Malm. Obese, dark and elderly people have a harder form and keep up with Vitamin D, writes the site.

But also with people A good outcome of Vitamin D from the sun can not save any scaling. For anyone who does not feed Vitamin D foods such as bird fish (for example, herring and salmon), but also wild fungus (eg cantaloupe), it may be well with an addition of vitamin D in autumn to the spring of # 39; the spring of March. The daily daily income of food is 10 micrograms.

– You can not poison with vitamin D from the sun or the like. However, large amounts of vitamin D supplement can lead to poisoning, says Johan Malm to

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