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The president of the company: therefore the airport is important to Skövde.


Today, Skövde airport is mainly comprised of business, cargo, taxi and ambulance. The main industries in Skövde use regular flights for emergency deliveries as production may be discontinued if delivery is not done quickly.

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The armed forces actually used the airports a lot, and in 2017 they increased significantly to increase company revenues. It also contributed to a number of increased commercial aviation movements to 414.

In 2018, there was a defense at Skövde airport, and there was a C-130 Hercules flight and a parachute jump in the fall. The business will continue in the coming year.

"There has been a lot of military activity since Karlsborg airport was under reconstruction in recent years, but the most important thing at the airport is ambulance flight, which lasted 55 flights last year, which should not be confused with ambulance helicopters but about air transport in and out of Sweden. It can be about a long-haul carrier coming and going overseas, so you should not keep your body and body for more than a certain amount of time, "said Michael Nimstad, president of the company.

Ambulance flights also fly patients from various parts of Sweden, such as Malmö and Umeå. Such longer distances can not control the helicopter and take longer.

Almedalen continues flight

Business, army and ambulance flights in the western Gothenburg area are three of the most important. Flights in the summer to Almedalen are also branch offices.

– I will go next year, that means. Now we have become more routine and established as to how much the cost has been.

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Some flights are not included in commercial activities. It is about two flying clubs that do girls, private flights and business. There are about 5,000 flying movements a year.

Some of the revenue comes from aviation fuel sales.

"We are using aviation fuels and have expertise to fuel the NEL at the Skaraborg hospital and the Trollhättan helicopter airport," says Nimstad.

In 2017, the army movement saw a significant increase in sales. How do you maintain positive development?

"Now that we need to be an attractive employer to maintain, we are established and qualified to be employees of the company. We must make it clear that the airport is outside towards the available actors.

Expected loss

According to the chairman, 2018 looks good. They expect to cost between K7 and 7.5 million. Group donations are budget deficit before and normal.

"Operations are waves and the need for airports is diverse: 2016 was small, and it was small in 2015. The important thing is that it is available and works when needed.

I would like to develop a business at Skövde Airport, but Michael Nimstad is currently unable to process the example.

– If you are actively interested in developing something at the airport, we are aware that you will see what you can use in the future.

No charter application

Unrelated to Skövde airport is a chartered trip to a resort like Mallorca.

"We do not really know that there is a need, there is a lot of competition in the near future, and the cost will be in the millions of dollars. The cost of a nearby airport with a charter like Trollhättan and Jönköping is up to three times.

However Skövde Airport AB costs, but according to Michael Nimstad, Skövde plans to discuss it.

– Infrastructure is expensive and can be seen at high availability. We are less expensive than other regional airports and there is no prerequisite for such revenues or mergers.

Nimstad sees donations received by Skövde Airport AB as the best fit for the Skövde Airport. Skövde has a fully accessible airport, says Michael Nimstad.

– It's like when there's a case in town. It costs, but the whole village will get it. This will allow you to see the total cost of the airport. Historically, it has been noted that industrial activity was established here because of the airport. The airport was a prerequisite for Skövde to work with the battery factory site.

Now there are no battery plants and thousands of jobs here, but without the airport, Skövde did not even have a chance, says Michael Nimstad.

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History of Skövde Airport

The Skövde airport was opened by a pump and stood on August 6, 1989.

History of Skövde Airport

Skompa Airport was opened by Pompa on August 6, 1989. This replaced Axvall's coincidental airport project Skarlanda, which was planned in the 1980s as a Skaraborg collaboration. Lidköping and Falköping also built their own airports in the same period.

The public transport to Arlanda and Kastrup was operated at Skövde Airport in the 1990s, but the last traffic was terminated in 2002. Trains are considered one of the factors to compete for airplanes when the X2000 was opened in 1990.

The conditions for resuming scheduled flights between Skövde and Kastrup were investigated in the 2000s but were announced in 2008.

In 2017 and 2018, Visby was resumed on Almedal Week and will be extended to two trips in 2019. However, due to travel, the airport company suffered a loss of 120,000 kronor per year.

In 2018, Anders Löfvenborg, CEO, said that flights to Bromma have been raised and investigated.

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