Monday , January 30 2023

The car rushed to the police station.



The car rushed to the police station.

On Saturday night, the car entered the garage door of Båstad Police Station. The police think it is intentional. A crash vehicle was found in abandoned Båstadtrakten.

Picture : Lisa Septstet

It was 21 o'clock on Saturday night because the car drove straight to the police station in Chewy. But the police do not think it is an accident.

Marcus Andersson, an internal officer of the Helsingborg police, says, "There is a sign that there will be consciousness.

The car then drove off the site but was later found abandoned in Båstadtrakten. Because of the damage to the car, the police can see the police entering the garage door. According to Magnus Lörd, a police officer in Helsingborg, the police suspect the car was stolen, but the theft has not been reported yet. Now you try to contact the owner.

Police have no doubt about crime and are classified as severely injured. No one was hurt at the police station, but there was serious damage to the site.

"If you drive the car straight into the building, there will be damage," Marcus Andersson said.

Picture : Lisa Septstet

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