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TEST: Chromecast generation 3 (2018) streams streamlined


Testad product: Google Chromecast (3 generations)
Pris: 399 kr to Kjell and Company.

Chromecast generation 3 (2018) lanserades lite sådär i förbifarten under a Google-event tidigare i år. These Chrome shortcuts (generation 2) have been plugged into a sedan. At the end of the day, you will be able to use Chrome gadgets that are very popular, but also on a backup – the most generous generations are just as good. Eight for Chromecast (2018) is her upgrade server, so it's a great way to schedule the timeframes.


By default, your generation 3 from Chromecast will have a lot of generation 2. It's a puck with a Google logo. As you can see the version of this version, you will not be able to listen to a TV or TV sound, so you can play any design on your own.

chromecast 2018 generation 3
Photo: Jared Newman / IDGChromecast generation 3 bredvid Chromecast generation 1.


The comma-number is enabled. You will see Chromecast in the TV: n (or anywhere) using the HDMI device. Sedan copies you into wireless cables with an usb slider and adapter. For Chromecast users you will see a copy of the wifi app that will allow you to download many files from Chrome, including Chromecast on Google Home apps that will run Android and Iphone. Klart att köra.


The hardware under scrutiny increases Google's speeds of Chromecast up to 15 percent faster than ever. Visst känns den något rapappare, framför allt när det gäller att starta igång filmer. Dessutom clarars the current 1080p video and 60hz, to the skill of generations that clarified 720p to 60hz, or 1080p and 30hz.

This makes you proudly able to stream movies in this format using "flyt" movies and youtube clips.


For a movie you can download from Youtube and Netflix to your tv, we've got the money to get used to the rendezvous. You can view mobile images from Google Pictures, and the app can now download a new album as soon as you can see Chromecast in the picture.

It also allows you to play android gameplay, where you play games and also perform mobile devices such as control. Even though Chrome has been webblitzed, it's still up to date when you can cast it off, and you can also hit Chrome, navigate from Mobile and Data.

Chromecast Google Home

Roasting sticks with Google Home

Googles do not have enough arms to complement your smartphone to get started up all your mobile devices in a harsh scar. Chromecast can now be used by Google Home, with the ability to move around Chromecast to the top of the screen so that it can be accessed through the laptop. It has a dock with Chromecast version, which is just like 3 generations.

In order to get a copy of Chromecast to Google Home, you'll be able to sign up for updates on the news and events. As you can see, "Hey Google, sat in Orange is the new black on tv: n", it will also make Netflix a bug spell checkered. Men det første många tjänster som saknar röststöd.

The only way to get your own Googles apparently and a handful of belongings, like Netflix, Spotify, Youtube, and Google Pictures. HBO Nordic has launched its first exit for this purpose. There is no need to have a restraining order. There's somethin the same thing that you have to do for your casting, so many things you have to click on an icon in the apps and get it all up on the screens – just do the right arm.

Google Home apps have a great deal of experience as a whole for all the topics that you can find for your iPhone and movie reviews for movies, serials and music from this. However, you can find a handy slip tips that will help you to get the most out of Netflix apps so you can easily get rid of it.


M3 rekommenderar

To get Google Home or a large number of you have downloaded the TV: I want to see the movie that Google Chromecast has to offer to a recipient. Specified by the price you get in touch with the countryside until it's technical. Also, if you have Chromecast, then you will definitely see the versions you are looking for.

But you have to regroup her generation 2 so you will not have to worry about getting upgraded, especially if you spend about seconds before you get a movie.

Also, you are behind 4k streaming so you can use Chromecast Ultra.

Fakta Chromecast generation 3 (2018)

Testad: November 2018
Till Sales: Google
Function: Streamlined mediaspelare
Anslutningar: Ac adapter (usb), hdmi ut
Image size: 1080p 60hz
Communication: wlan 802.11a / b / g / n / ac (wifi 5), bluetooth 4.0
Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS
Mått: 52 × 13.8 × 52 millimeters
Vikt: 40 g
Pris: 399 kr to Kjell and Company.

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