Friday , July 30 2021

Strong explosion on Nobel Square in central Malmö

The explosion has taken place in a more family house at the Nobel Prize. There were several people in the neighboring building.

– One of them was injured and left to hospital in an ambulance to get care, says Peter Martinsson, officer of the police.

According to data SVT news, a girl must have been wounded to the windows are smothered in their sleeping area.

Some more people are taken to the hospital, but it is unclear whether they are injured or if they are shocked only by the incident, according to the police.

According to witnesses that were on & # 39; webpage, a few places in & # 39; The connection with the explosion has occurred to you near a garage yard. The police of the police has investigated the site and legal scientists will be on & # 39; do a day of research to prove evidence.

– We also ask local residents and witnesses who have seen what they saw, says Peter Martinsson.

There should be no racial risk at the ownership or there is no danger of more explosions in the area.

– No, the danger is over, says Tomas Napiorkovski, re-researcher at the police in Malmö.

VAd has caused The explosion is now unclear. The motif is also known and Tomas Napiorkovski says that as far as is known, there is no dangerous photo that can be associated with the property.

Because Nobelvägen, which is a central part of Malmö, will be blocked Monday morning in the southward direction, the morning traffic can be invaded. If you can choose another route, you have to do that, say the police.

How long will the block remain is not certain.

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