Thursday , June 24 2021

Sjöström ends threat – Radio Sport

Thursday The World Cup begins in Singapore. Sarah Sjöström won the second consecutive World Cup title last year, and Martin will have three dramatic competition days. The Swedish player is 15 points ahead of Hungarian star Katinka Hosszu.

Sjöström pressed in parallel Along with other stars of the International Federation of Simulations.

The reason is that competition is fierce in Torino on December 20-21, when Pina declines the approval. Reported swimmers include Olympic gold medalists Sjöström, Katinka Hosszu and British Adam Peaty.

Sjöströms International Turkey-based Sim Club Energy Standard is competing with the Italian Swimming Association. In the background are a number of stakeholders who have teamed up with the International Swimming League organization. Because the World Cup is the only competition for money, I try to increase the prize money in the swimming.

Sjöström told TT that she was exposed to pressure from Finamedarbetare several times during the World Cup.

– Just before entering the telephone room, he came to me and said, "You know the result." I said I would swim in Gyeongju now. Can I get it right now? Sjöström said.

According to the swim site, Pina is threatening to pull a swimmer to attend the match for 1-2 years.

– I think it's crazy. I did not talk much with my club, but I tried to focus on the competition here, "says Sjöström.

When TT talks to Sjöström, she is going to "jump into the hotel pool" in Singapore. At the end of Saturday's World Cup, there will be 36 matches, trials and final matches between the 16th and 739m in Beijing, Tokyo and Singapore. Then there is more than 1,500 miles between Stockholm and Asia.

"I feel pretty tired now, and hopefully it will be a little better." I try to save energy, but I do not spray water on the pool. "

Sjöström lost 27 points The two teams kept their lead in the match against Hosszu in Beijing, but both scored well in Tokyo.

However, Sjöström (18-14 in the 34th finals of the fall) took fourth place, with the exception of the third place and a 50 meter victory in third place of 100 meters.

"It 's clear that you are a little angry, and it' s okay if you eat it twice, and when you do it four times you start to get angry, especially with 1/2.

Butterfly at 50 meters She was only two-tenths of Therese Alshammar's 24.38 world record and has long set goals. If it succeeds, it will decide the World Cup. The World Cup has won a total of 1.1 million kroner this fall and the total victory is about $ 1.4 million.

Fact: So the World Cup is solved.

At least 60 points are allowed to compete in the final game. Sims can tell how many races they want, but only count three. In the race, the first place is 12 points, the second place is the 9th place, and the third place is the 6th place. The maximum score is 36 points.

To achieve the best achievement during the tournament, the distance is converted to a point with a world record as a starting point, 24 points, and the second point is 18 points and 3 points.

The world record gives you 20 points as a bonus and you get additional scoring opportunities.

World cup stand for final race:

female : 1) Sarah Sjöström, Sweden, 285 points, 2) Katinka Hosszu, Hungary, 270, 3) Julia Jefimova, Russia, 234

male : 1) Vladimir Morozov, Russia, 342, 2) Cyril Pyrgos, Russia, 213, 3) Mitchellakin, Australia, 183.

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