Thursday , February 25 2021

Sirius jaws are forced into surgery – sports

In a game against Östersund on September 22, Jesper Arvidsson kicked his foot after he was unlucky to land a number two. Arvidsson missed three matches before he was back in play. Now, however, it is clear that the foot was not the only thing that the rake was injured in this situation.

"I had my knees to her and now I have done a magnetic camera study to check the situation. It's not so dangerous to play me, but then you see there is a knife in the meniscus. and was an orthopedist she said she needed to address, says Arvidsson.

Arvidsson will work the next week and hope to return as soon as possible.

– The doctor said that the individual is, you can be back in two weeks, but between four and six weeks it is usually. It's not a serious thing we see, I hope I'm good enough and expect to come back in a week and a half, "laughs Arvidsson.

It is the first time that Arvidsson after 16 years has to tune to surgery.

– It can be seen as good. When I was a junior, I took a player for a match and took a strong bracelet and stayed in shape. Then I have never left work, just exactly special damage.

Sirius works until this week to wait for the week. The troops will be replaced since January 8 to start the preschool season seriously.

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