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Several provincial states see the absence of flu vaccine


There is a one-to-one supplier of suppliers and suppliers for new deliveries look denser. In the region of Jämtland Härjedalen, Västerbotten, Uppsala and Gävleborg, there are already moments in & # 39; the available vaccine flu, according to DN's questionnaire, answered by all provinces.

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In question, representatives of Västmanland, Västra Götaland, Västernorrland and Värmland reiterated that there might be no shortage of influence in & quot; the region is.

Risk groups that are among others Older people, pregnant women, such as people with certain chronic diseases, have already been prioritized for part of the country. In # Ask with representatives of & # 39; The medical products of medical products, the Public Health Agency and SKL meet the challenge of developing national recommendations for providing the facsimile.

"There is already a facsimile in the province, we have therefore called for the vaccine to finance high-risk groups, as long as the stock is sufficient and is waiting for sensitive health professionals to work, these work in patient care and relationships of risk, "says Therese Thunberg, Deputy Infector Surgeon in Västerbotten County Council.

The shortage seems to increase in future growth if the asset was canceled by the residual list.

"Some deficiencies have already been done, which can now be recovered when the vaccine Vaxigrip Tetra restores," writes Micael Widerström, "integral type of physiotherapy in the Jämtland Härjedalen region.

In different places in the country, the demand for flu vaccine has increased, according to the answers in the DN survey. According to Maria Tempé, Deputy Infection Surgeon in the Västernorrland region, it is not even overwhelming.

"We've been expecting a bigger demand this year, which is what we are actively involved in seeking more people, due to the greater demand we see," she says.

In Stockholm County There is no shortage of vaccine available from # 39; the perfection of infection.

"We have a vaccine registration there We can assess how many people in the world are really vaccinated. In all the problems we have large amounts that have not been used, and 240,000 doses are delivered in such a way as # 39; n 100,000 are consumed, he says.

In addition to Vaxigrip Tetra as a residual note, which means that the company can no longer provide teachers, the medical product agency will also announce that the free vaccine Influvac Tetra is outside the range with the supplier.

Both vaccine variants belong to the new variant This year is used for the first time this year. They provide protection against four viral stins, in contrast to previous vaccines that are protected against wood. Some provincial states have tried to prevent a vaccine by ordering the older variants.

But there is also availability limited to the Swedish medical agenda.

– It does not seem that there are no deliveries of older ones. Some provincial states have made it, but it does not seem like someone has made it, instead, they got the new vaccine. It is the same supplier for both the new and the old vaccine, so it is possible that they have been taken over, "says Charlotta Bergquist.

Science is shared by several provincial states.

– According to my information, this vaccine is also over. If it existed, then it would have to be a lot for us, it's the same variant that we used every year so far, "says Maria Tempé, Deputy Infector in the Region of West Norway.

According to Charlotta Bergquist, a vaccine coordinator of the Medical Product Agency, it is unlikely that all major amounts of vaccines in # 39; the future of Provincial State was provided.

"It's all about dealing with the manufacturers, but there is a lot to do, I know they have supplied 1.5 million doses to Sweden, and it's about the same amount that last year and definitely not used, says she .

Some provincial states have ordered orders you have not yet arrived.

– There are some orders that will be delivered. If suppliers get more prevalent in the future, they will continue to go from teachers, I think they have a toll, "says Charlotta Bergquist.

Two suppliers is for all sales of flu vaccine to Sweden.

"It is worrying if there are many suppliers and there is a monopoly situation, there are more impressionists, but they have not won this time," Charlotta Bergquist said.

The province advises the absence of influenza

Region Jämtland Härjedalen

Västerbotten County

Region of Vastmanland

Västra Götaland Region

Region of West Norway

Värmland County Council

Gävleborg County

Region Uppsala

This is the vaccine in your provincial state:

Do you think you have enough vaccine or will you ever see?

Blekinge: "Purchased number of teachers is based on a" previous year's advancement. "When demanding changes in plans, we are planning a shortage."

Dalarna: "Our assessment is that we need to be instructed by the teachers. Individual deficiencies can occur in one or more health centers."

Gotland: "Gotland's controversy Sven Montelius reports that he has not received any signs of lack of vaccine on the island at the moment."

Gävleborg: "There is a sense of local health in some health centers."

Halland: "We are currently investigating how much doses are left over."

Jämtland Härjedalen: "Some definitions have already been done, which can now come as the vaccine begins Vaxigrip Tetra."

Jonkoping: "We believe we can guide our provincial residents for influencing influenza."

Kalmar: "If there is no vaccine available in this season, it will just be a shortage."

Kronoberg: "We have contact information with 8 health centers and some people have some, but most have intelligence, so they can handle this week, and in the message we receive, the vaccine will be at once available at the beginning of the next week. "

Norrbotten: "No reports from the locally ending have reached the infectious healthcare provider, but it is nationally the largest to buy imported, so the supply is up to limited."

Skane: "There is no indication that there is a shortage in the region and there is no information that has to be given care of the vaccine."

Stockholm: "Always, it may be a bigger need if the asset is too early to say."

Södermanland: "We are very close to the goal we've had, all 40,000 to 45,000 people can plug in, we get what we have promised and expect that it can be useful."

Uppsala: "There is a deficit, we are investigating which dosage activities represent."

Värmland: The health centers have already come a long way in their intensities of risk & s groups, and some vaccines remain on certain receptions. However, it may be a vaccine for certain receptions, but at today's time we believe that there will be no major abuse. "

Västerbotten: "Yes, there is already a facsimile facsimile in the province. We have therefore called for the ability to control the vaccine's 'priority' groups, as long as the stock is sufficient and thus wait on inspected healthcare professionals who work in patient care and relationships of risk groups. "

Västernorrland: "Most care centers we have contact with saying that it is likely to be insufficient and lacking in it. It is important to emphasize that so many people have been intensified as last year."

Västmanland: "We have first said that 10 percent more doses were supplied to county council / region than last season. It seems that the demand is bigger now and it is likely that there will be a shortage."

Västra Götaland region: "We believe that there will be a shortage there is a lot more teachers at Västra Götaland have so far been awarded to the entire freezing season of the previous vaccination, so many are already imprisoned, but we still think More and more people are required to sign in. "

Örebro: "In our region there is still a vaccine and formerly appointed teachers are provided this week."

Östergötland: "There is a risk of intimation in some health centers, but we are trying to make it through redistribution and dialogue with the supplier."

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