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– Resident Evil 2

I have butterflies in my stomach, while fear is in my waist. In other words, everything is as it should be. It is January 2019 and it is April 1998. Resident Evil 2 Re-take me through the iconic police management of "Raccoon City" where I rejoice and rejoice. Through a sewer with stinking waterfalls, rigid alligator and mergers in the form of foam pieces, I reach Labo's Umbrella, and a battle against the clock and ecological zombies.

"It's January 2019 and it's April 1998"

Then that's the same scenario – where the watch bells should be. A well-known horror game is not a horror game, it is especially a good game. Something heavy in the new interpretation and it's just the horror. Resident Evil 2 is never this rebellious.

Things you're managing now are new rules now. You think of Mr. X (or T-00 or Doctor Evil or "certain bastard!" … has many biological weapons names). A giant in fedora who is going high, but still as much as Claire and Leon run. In the original, all rooms in the entire police administration were included with drawer locks in between, and then the Mr. X.

A screenshot will not be more classic than this.

Here you buried a dog.

Smiling golden brown eyes? Now, try cool clouds.

Don't need the ammo, like here.

It's now new times. Raccoon's police bureau, formerly an art museum, completely secret, is comparable to plan plans, but instead of still images, it is constructed in 3D. Thus: the heavy footsteps of a rig are heard everywhere. About me. Under me. Further on. Specifically. Oh good … after me! The fear that made me stand out is accompanied by a paranoid from & # 39; jumps an ear.

"Doom in their best moment remake of" "term remake"

Sometimes spewing Resident Evil 2 Roughly backward and rewarding for clever, unwanted puzzles. Opportunity there is a lack of narration, and in & # 39; the second round it is even route. There are at least both old and new parts, but even more that is very good.

In her best moment do you Resident Evil 2 Remake of the concept of remake itself. The Gamecube version of & # 39; is original is seen by many as the remake of & # 39; times (and I give you "many" rights), but this intervention is more intense. Well, the static camera stores are replaced by the four-camera camera in place. Instead of turning the police and magnum turret up, down or just ahead, we can now reach 360 degrees. But even if the perspective is moved, it has been moved Resident Evil 4 This is not an action spectrum, but often through exciting victory horror.

Thinking is simple – in theory. In practice, tremors and handwashing are added.

In addition, pistols and police are also miniguns and lighthouses.

The creation of "new" Annette Birkin is the best game.

Sherry has to be weaponless, but she has not been destroyed.

Resident Evil 2 Because of being silent, it has a way that the game is made by white on golden shells. There are explosions and melodramas with a thick dumb.

What was not twenty years ago, but now is a dark one. Stepping into a black corridor with the light as the only light source and at the same time heard the quiet sound of a nice one is disgusting. To stand still, quietly pass by a nice (only with exceptional rhythm) hang on the wall, and another that crawls a little less than a decimeter of my feet, is immediately aborting.

The zombies are a big chunk of themselves that, like everything else, has a makeover, with environmental species and rotting flesh that is expected from a scramble. They also have more journals than their sisters and brothers of 1998. She gives her balconies, penetration by printing, divorced into pairs and are lasting. Fortunately, Leon and Claire also have new axes in their jacket. They can guard routes and align themselves with grenades and knives as sub-armies next to machine guns and grenade launchers.

A hand grenade can make a battle of a full group of zombies, but in a distress you can also print the grenade in a stinky clay before it gets in & # 39; Viewing a zombie guilt in a small piece of pieces in a double explosion is what everybody understands very well.

Shrinking around them is a kind of way to get an already restricted ambulance supply to further waste. Many are time when I stood with my back against & # 39; the wall at & # 39; a rump and messy pointed at a bunch of zombie and missed shots on shots. Getting headshot and shelling the debt in two splits most worthwhile. To get time (and life), you can also break weapons and legs.

Just as the zombies are watching everything Resident Evil 2 fantastic. It has the soul and the geographical out of 1998 (with a number of surprises), but it is also a soul with much more blacks.

I don't think we can save him.

Lickers were cruel in 1998. They are worse in 2019.

If you are lucky (or a magnum), the shot can split into two.

Banking in zombie on the box allows you to make the window happen. Well, not late.

over there Resident Evil 2 Moments that are mostly below the other half of the game. You choose to play Claire Redfield, in her direction Resi– Famous brother Chris, or Leon Kennedy, rookie police whose first day of work guarantees you as you. After ten hours you are hopefully in the goal, but in order to experience the real end you have to make the night market again as the next choice.

The muscle receives most of the round two "

Resident Evil 2 In 1998, even four hares were: Claire A, Leon B, Leon A, Claire B. The remake only contains two, but the differences are extremely small. In some cases, you can benefit from the potential of a second round, as the shadow of a zombie is really a zombie (and not a statue as the first time – I can put a fake) or when every one makes shockingly compact.

Keys and objects are distributed to each other. The puzzles are new. Most, however, are so similar that the musicology causes the majority of two runs; Mr. X does the same entry, a jersey has just the same first names, several bases are suspicious rehearsals.

Usually in 1998 it was no wonder of boredom, but with two scenarios less good conditions existed to fit the two remaining. So, apparently, this is not the case.

The torso falls to the grip of a mountain. Here they have completely lost it.

Hello dark my old friend …

Mr. X and alligators in all honor, William is the iconic Resident Evil 2pattern.

The zombies have never seen better / worse Resident Evils history.

The stories are more different. Claire takes the girl Sherry under her wings and is forced to deal with the police crime at one, for Resident Evil 2, new new place. Leon meets Resident Evils "Lady in rot", Ada Wong, here's a walk in templates and grave valve. It is great, but ironic, like Claire and Leon, does not seem to be especially about zombies or potentially the decay of man. on Resident Evil 7– heights without reaching the story.

Who's surprised you & # 39; & # 39; e remake is Annette Birkin, who has more nuances than the last and is beautifully written in all her tragedy. She shows how good it can be.

Survival horror experience, however, is still heavier than the spirit story and Resident Evil 2 is a lot of & # 39; bad in & # 39; a last seven hours. It is only a lot that is very similar to the first ten. This is caught, but one you & # 39; t still not alone.

If I have the small hours in the dark with sweaty fingers on & # 39; Replacing the exclusion, three zombies in my front, a nice behind me, and heavy footsteps are over me, there is nowhere I would rather be, while I do a long time. Resident Evil, however, is back home.

footnote: The review refers to the PS4 Pro version. The game is also released on PC and Xbox One.

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