Sunday , May 28 2023

Reputation: The Xbox One S can be released without readers next year.


The Internet will never be forgotten. Conversely, if Microsoft could trust the rumor that appeared on the Thurrot site, it would have done so. Pages that have previously guessed a lot about Xbox rumors. On the other hand, you can never be too sure. Take it with a bundle of salt.

Microsoft started to think that all games had to be tied digitally and connected two years ago, ending the matchmaking market and getting angry. Microsoft now seems to have launched a similar but aggressive model in a variant of the untouched Xbox One S.

How does the future look like a waste of physical copies for you? Well, according to Thurrot Brad Sams, Xbox releases physical-digital bytes with this release. As the game sounds, the game owner can get a digital copy from the Microsoft Store. On the other hand, it is not impossible for these features to be applied, whether they are bids for the Xbox or still unclear bids.

As a consumer for you, this means that you can buy a cheap console. Rumors say they want to make $ 199 or cheaper, and they want to throw an Xbox Game Pass within a month. This means you can potentially purchase Xbox for less than $ 2000 and access hundreds of games. It is so stupid.

Now the question is whether Microsoft will show off a new console at E3 or make it more restrictive and smooth to avoid drama.

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