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Pioneering research offers "sunshine" – Linkoping News


The solar cell is the highest mode. More and more Swedish property owners have installed solar panels at home and are now taking place in "sunny places". So far the installation of solar cells is the most common in major constructions of new buildings or most modern public buildings.

However, most of the sun-friendly roofs are found in real estate built before 1945. These houses also account for a quarter of their energy use.

A whole new solar cell

Attaching solar panels to old houses can be a big problem. Therefore, owners of old homes are increasingly interested in solar cells.

In order to meet the demand, the development of new solar cell panel has become full-scale. Photovoltaic systems are underway to produce brushes from the exterior of the house and from the tent. It's like a solar cell adapted to a building that has historically been considered sensitive.

Left outsole for pioneering research

It is no coincidence that the right to development is growing on the sunny side. The main problem with solar energy has been that it has been difficult to store the sun until now, making it a distinctive fresh produce. However, the researchers at Chalmers University of Technology believe that nuts have cracked.

Researchers are trying to develop a system that can store their soles for 18 years using specially designed molecules that can store energy in liquids.

Research is epoch-making.

"Affordable and perfectly reproducible"

This system allows us to save energy in the Northern Hemisphere from summer to dark winter. It also has no emission completely.

"The goal is to get less expensive and more fully renewable energy than batteries," Kasper Moth-Poulsen, an assistant professor of nanomaterial chemistry at Chalmers in Gothenburg, told Science Radio.

Developed for local heating

Promising trials for new molecules have already been performed. Now researchers are working on using this technology in large systems, for example for district heating.

If everything goes according to plan, new technology will be commercialized in 10-15 years.

If so, most state owners will easily and easily know if their roof is suitable for the outsole. A new map model that is being prepared at Uppsala University is expected to be available. I especially hope that it will be installed in an area with lots of old buildings if it is useful.

The test will be finished next summer.

David Lingfors, a researcher at SVT News East, says, "If we switch to a renewable energy system, we value how we should see these old buildings and how they can contribute to the transition.

New mapping tools are currently being tested in the urban areas of Stockholm, the cultural-historically sensitive building environment of Visby, and the emergence of houses that are significantly different from Harland.

The evaluation of the map project will take place next summer.

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