Friday , November 15 2019
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More common with extreme wind at sea – Sweden

Weather An astronomical study shows that the oceans of the world have become stormy, Science Radio reports.

Researchers at Melbourne University in Australia have concluded that elevation and offshore wind ministry have increased over the past 33 years. The biggest increase is in Antarctica, where extreme winds have increased 1.5 meters per second, or eight percent in this period.

The study published in a journal Science is consistent with the calculations of & # 39; a united states that a warm climate gives more extreme weather. And strong seas at sea can have consequences.

Wells are a major problem for shipping, and even against land expects it to disappear various structures, says Göran Broström, professor at the Navy Department of Gothenburg University at the radio program.

Brostrom also says that more research is needed to investigate whether the changes are from climate change or when it comes to natural sickles, because the study is based on a relatively short period.

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