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Man has been announced with surprise for women in Västerås – pages


According to my assessment, the study shows that the man in the relationship with the woman has violence and threats, for example in situations where they were asleep. There is much talk about the fact that such a situation is over, says the attorney Jenny Alriksson about how the murder happened.

The woman was murdered in March in the last year. In June, money was filed from their account in an ATM. Researchers began to tell that a miscarriage had disappeared behind the woman, even though she did not find her body.

Hold the body

The suspects were against the 54-year-old man, and he tried this fall. He was later published, but was rehabilitated and re-established at the beginning of the year.

He is now condemned to murder and misconduct – according to the policeman, he killed the woman in her hometown, then snip and move her body to a forest area in Västerås. Here it is hidden and burned, the study has shown. The weather was found in the spring and summer of private individuals and the Missing People City Council.

The man learns to misunderstand.

Railway in residence

It is not possible to determine how the woman died, but according to Jenny Alriksson, indicate the circumstances that the woman was just murdered. This includes traces in & # 39; home, testimonials and how to maintain the body.

That you cut, hide and fire then – how much more do you do with your body, how hard it is to try to hide the death of people by the violence of another, she says.

The 54-year-old is also condemned fraudulently against the woman, which refuses to withdraw from her account.

The important negotiation is to begin in early December.

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