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Little Dragon wants to lose weight in music.


International Gothenburg band Little Dragon loves new love. "Lover Chanting" is their first ever. Yukimi Nagano, a singer, said, "I feel a little unwell.

Little Dragon is the current ep for "Lover chanting". Press photograph.Picture : Vicky King

They are more famous in the United States and England than in Sweden, but still playing all the music at home in Gothenburg. An electronic band called Little Dragon came back. This time I focused on my first epic instead of the album.

"Sometimes it's too big and something to release the entire package on the disk. Yukimi Nagano says that it sounds easy and fun, and I think it's a sign of time.

"It's fun and compassionate people have a short focus, so the whole way we listen to music has changed.

The title track is a fun, life-loving song to celebrate love, and the song "In My House" is a bit overturned with a bit of dancing. Little dragons never want to repeat musically.

"We constantly change our thoughts and expressions and change the music, it feels like there's a lot of dark and gloomy things happening around us, sometimes we have to focus on it, and it might be good to pay attention to the beauty of life. One is to lose yourself by making music and dancing. Yukimi Nagano says that this can be resisting in any way.

More internationally than in your country, I believe Yukimi Nagano is due to the fact that the US and UK-based music companies are encouraging as many Swedish strikes as possible.

"We always try to pay a little bit of money to Sweden, which sounds like we already got a positive response in the first single, but it's very interesting, not that we do not try to prioritize Sweden.

Currently they are not planning a show in Sweden except for appearing on P3 Gold next year. They hope for more before waiting for more learning time.

"Now we try to do music, experiment and search and spread as much love and joy as possible," says Yukimi Nagano.


Little Dragon

Little Dragon was founded in Gothenburg in 1996 and is composed of Yuki Nagano, Eric Bodin, Fredrik Wallace and Hakan Wire Strand.

Their debut album "Little Dragon" was released in 2007 after announcing 2007 "Machine Dreams" 2009, "Ritual Union" 2011, "Nabuma rubberband" 2017 and "Season high" 2017.

Now they are the latest version with their first episode "Lover chanting".

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