Monday , August 8 2022

Kennelhosta gets worse than usual – P4 Stockholm


In fact, the kennel cough, which is the collective name for several different viruses or bacteria, can go up at any time of the year. But now the Stockholm region has been worse than many years.

"I have been working here for over 11 years and I have never been involved in these many conversations about kennelhosta.

Kennelhosta does the dog. If you have a cough, there is something in your throat that can cause vomiting. In some cases, the dog may have fever and pneumonia.

It is done through direct contact, and if the dogs share, for example, the food bowl is infected but does not affect other animals or people.

It is often associated with exhibits or dog shows, such as at an amusement park or when an infection spreads.

Josefine Malmström, vice president of Danderyd Dog Day, said, "We have many people who are sick at home.

She tells a sick dog. You can sit down in a hospital waiting to be picked up immediately after you are dismissed.

"We clean the dishes more cautiously because we have growers, we change the strings and make sure that the dogs do not spread out in the room.

No number. How many dogs are affected by kennelhosta? If it does not affect the general condition of the dog, it will continue to eat and go as normal, the orphanage is resting and you will not want a veterinarian. In Stockholm, however, this year's outbreak appeared to be more widespread than in the past few years, according to Yen Dahlgren.

"The kinds of viruses that are thriving now plague dogs a bit harder than they have done in the last few years. They are usually not publicly affected. Now, in the fall, we have received several cases of getting caught and sick.

It is possible to vaccinate dogs. Against some viruses and bacteria to the entrance of Kennelhosta, puppy days often need to get there. However, there is no guarantee that the dog will still be affected.

The problem is now the largest not only in the Stockholm region, but also in northern Nordland (Värmland) and Central Europe (Uppland). Levels are normal in most other places. In Halland, it is a small little kennel cough.

Maybe For dogs really hard, it is often a harmless disease for dogs, "says veterinarian John Rossborn Thorell.

– Coughing, but often after passing the worst stage quickly, it gets better again. However, there is a risk of second infection with pneumonia. However, uncomplicated kennel cough is completely harmless.

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