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Karl built a replica of Jaguar – has to pay five million

Retired car designer Karl Magnusson is an honorary member of the Swedish Jaguar Club and has seen himself as a “volunteer ambassador” for the brand. The dream car has long been a Jaguar C-type from 1951, and eleven years ago he began building a replica of the classic sports car.

Six years into construction, and another three years before the car was ready, the idea was raised to make more replicas to sell them for commercial purposes. The cars were to be built inside the company of the woman, who had been sleeping for several years, Creare.

– I even contacted Jaguar and had a meeting with two managers in the organization. Then I told about my plans, claims Karl, who felt that the whole thing was received positively.

In 2018, the first car was ready – the one that, according to Karl, has always been a hobby project.

But the joy of having the project ashore did not last long.

It took Karl Magnusson nine years to build his dream car – a replica of a 1951 Jaguar C-type.

Photo: Stockholm District Court

The car now needs to be scratched.

Photo: District Court in Stockholm

Forced to pay five million

A short time later, a letter from Jaguar steamed into the couple’s mailbox at home in Kungälv. There was no greeting card. The car giant demanded that Karl scrape the car and pay damages, something that SVT Nyheter Väst also told about.

Karl and his wife stated that they immediately stopped their commercial project, but otherwise considered that they had done nothing wrong. They did not want to destroy the car.

Jaguar responded by confessing to Karl and his wife, both retired.

– We did not believe our eyes when we read the trial. It was not on the map that we were convicted of having done anything illegal. But that’s how it turned out, says Karl Magnusson.

In December, the Patent and Market Court announced its ruling: The Magnussons had committed copyright infringement and will “reimburse Jaguar Land Rover Limited for its legal costs of SEK 4,994,863, plus interest”.

And the car, they have to scrape it.

The parts, and the drawings, are bought in several different places in the world.

Photo: Stockholm District Court

“It’s cruel”

– It’s a nightmare, we’ll be destroyed. We can not pay that money. We get everything we have to sell, and that it has to be taken away from one for such an absurd and completely disproportionate thing is hard to digest.

Karl continues:

– If you’ve been an ambassador for this damn market, to put it bluntly, and they behave so picky … It’s cruel.

Karl and his wife have appealed the decision to the Court of Appeal, but have not yet been told whether they will be granted leave to appeal.

GT has been in contact with Jaguar in Sweden, who responds via email:

“Jaguar Land Rover does not seek out private owners of existing private replica cars for private use, nor does it intend to have their cars destroyed. On the other hand, we will take measures to prevent companies from illegally using our intellectual property rights for own profit, ”writes Ebba Jeppsson, the company’s marketing manager in Sweden.

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