Tuesday , January 18 2022

JUST NOW: Explosion Orest Restaurant


The police were alerted by the explosion at 2:25 pm from Wednesday to night.

"It's like cracking or exploding, we do not know," says Peter Nordengard.

Apart from extensive damage to the restaurant, there is a crumbling box next to the building. The site was closed and a national bombing occurred.

There is no personal injury at this time. Police started outpost of joint destruction destruction.

Fire from Orust a week ago

1 week ago Fire down a restaurant that camps at Orust down to the ground. Police investigate the incident with fire, but I do not want to say whether I believe there can be a link between events.

"I can not guess that, it's unclear what kind of connection there is," says Peter Nordengard.

Text is being updated.

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