Sunday , March 26 2023

IFK Ystad-AIK: Glemhorn from league to game hero


IFK Ystad came back shortly after the defeat to HIF Karlskrona when the Handbollsligans club company AIK visited.

I was never really excited.

IFK Ystad was very good.

It is really thanks to the player who will step on the stand in this game.

However, when IFK goalkeeper Marcus was clearly ill, Sebastian Glemhorn changed and jumped anyway.

– I will not really do it. I and Olsson attempted to change, but Denmark (original) was sick. He felt a little scared and wanted to stay home, and then he jumped in. Sebastian Glemhorn tells C More.

"Do what we did not do about Carlsbaden"

With 16 rescues of 36, IFK Yesstad retained the 8-goal lead in the break time (18-10) and the salvation rate of the opponent fell to 44.44 until the end of the game, which was 31-23 .

"We do what we did not do about Carlsbad, we play and play our game (Ola) even if Pewik and the organization can achieve the goal, we are faithful to what we said before.

Glemhorn: "Great"

Sebastian Glemhorn was also delighted to have a chance to appear after returning to the regular goalkeeper in the opening game of the season.

– Great. Obviously, when he thinks creatively, he's a very well-liked player, but he's absolutely brilliant. And being on the other side coached at once does not make it worse because it is Henrik Schneider (AIK's coach). It is always fun to meet people who have been there before and do well.

IFK Ystad ranked ninth on the table. AIK still lost points in the handball league with 11 defeats.

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