Tuesday , May 30 2023

I have to pay for the television that nobody wants to see.


DEBATT | Public services. One of the biggest trends in the Western world right now is to cut off the code that ends the cable TV subscription and selects the TV channel directly from the independent player without an independent time zone.

Briefly – Americans, Dutch and Germans choose their own strengths and protect their freedom of choice if they want to see what kind of offer they are paying. We also want complete freedom to downgrade services if the private economy declines.

Now Riksdag wants to introduce a "civil service tax" that is against the trend of the rest of the world. In Sweden, citizens have to pay for SVT and SR. It does not matter if you do not have a TV receiver or you want to watch SVT.

Liberal values ​​and opposition

This is a classic S and V politics.

C, L, and M can almost always be affected by an individual's right to choose something odd, such as a public service tax? I mean many people have joined one of the allies because many have seen fighting against 50 percent of the political parties that restrict our freedom. So how can you stand out against your basic philosophy as it is now?

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Denmark recently lowered its public service channel budget. So why do you need a lot of money in Sweden's public service? Fifty years later, one person is doing two political talk shows that are too low to be understood. SVT itself does not put it down. Although interest rates, stock prices and economic issues dominate our lives and are part of our general education, there is no clean economy.

Nonexistent reporting from neighboring countries

The foreign press coverage of the United States and Israel is often the opposite of foreign press coverage. There is basically no report from neighboring countries and I am confident that less than 10% of the population will be able to identify the parties that control the Nordic countries. The decision of the EU in most cases has a much greater impact on the daily life in Sweden, but monitoring the EU's decisions is only part of the time it takes to evaluate US legislation.

In the case of fake news, SVT is often misunderstood and greatly distorts the investment side by reporting Carema's diaper weight, Nya Karolinska's door replacement costs or consulting costs as cost-free income.

So for what reasons should we pay SVT and SR to citizens? Is the scope of SVT something we can not get elsewhere in today's diverse television channels like YouTube, streaming services, online education services and competitive actors?

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Wasting money on reality shows

SVT and SR were created in Sweden when there were no TV actors. It does not mean that Swedish public services are too expensive. Nor did public service compete with private actors for drama, Christian performance, US series or celebrity competition.

Public services may be left as an option, but may be optional. Techniques for creating SVT for pay-TV are possible, and in principle, there is no implementation cost.

So: Let SVT start a new task directly from the Swedish people. Because we are moderate, freedom and freedom have always been our basic principles. So we have to stand up for the choice of Sweden to choose and choose. Public services are no exception.

Tom Hedrup

Stockholm City Councilor (M)

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