Friday , April 23 2021

Hot trade in Fingerprint | Zabo WORLD

After a start dip, the Stockholm Exchange changed its direction on Tuesday and moved upstairs. As a result, Sweden deviates from the pattern, as is the great European exchange lower army.

At 10 o'clock, the OMXS30 index was 0.1 percent to 1.495. Payments for SEK 1.9 billion were sold on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. German DAX and French CAC40 are at the same time 0.2-0.3% army.

Swedish match makes the companies the OMXS30 with a price increase of 3.4 percent. The participle is designed to buy from neutral Citi, which means it can be a winner in a new tobacco world. The company is the tobacco-free nicotine snake site, along with traditional snus and cigars, and is expected to have a growth rate of about 8 percent in & # 39; Generate year to 2020. The share cannot therefore be compared with the global cigarette companies, Citi believes.

After his interim report, Sandvik was discontinued to buy Nordea, which puts the target price on SEK 160 for the stock. Sandvik sold 0.5% to SEK 142: 05.

SSAB was the weakest among the big companies and the A share took a 3.3% price loss because JP Morgan's steel company was lowered to neutral from the former overweight.

In the forest, it was leading up to Stora Enso (+1.7 percent) and down for Billerud Korsnäs (-0.2 percent), fully in agreement with two recent recommendations. Stora Enso was set up to buy from preserved remained by SEB, which at the same time sold the recommendation for Billerud Korsnäs.

Swedbank above Birgitte Bonnesen increases the area of ​​responsibility by taking over from a case as head of & # 39; a Swedish banking company, besides its leading role. The current director Christer Trägårdh has been moved to a position as assistant group management, with responsibility for developing the credit processes of our future. The beard does not have to change the word, or the reasons for it, to act the word and to share it 1 percent. Swedbank was clearly the weakest bank party.

Volvo went in with 0.2 percent in a way of reports that fed masses of goods the illegal truck cartel within the EU as a part of Volvo. The total damage of damage can amount to SEK 280 million according to the British RHA, Dagens Industri wrote on Monday.

The part of the Fingerprint Cards woke up in January, and activity is plagued by big days, both in & # 39; price development and intensity of trade. In the beginning trading on Tuesday, the Fingerprint was clearly the most selling company and the price trend was from the weakest type: To the beginning of & # 39; The 4.5 per cent sales were lowered by 10 per cent instead of 1.7 per cent.

On Monday, the Fingerprint got close to 13 percent, and since January 10, the party has just over 50 percent lain. The only business news that came into being in the period is a collaboration with Identity Devices Sweden, which was published on 15 January.

The idea is heavy, as the attempt by the company in tolerant cell therapy has indicated that the current treatment method has no effect on preclinical tears. Therefore, the start of clinical studies for IDO 8 and IDO T can be canceled every six months. The share falls close to 37 percent.

The decision of Oasmia's Board to cancel the exclusion of an Extraordinary General Members' Meeting, which was held on January 25, has a threat of & # 39; A Companies Act, the interested international arwidro of a company, now says it calls the Swedish Business Registration Office to name a new exceptional meeting. Arwidro has proposed a completely new board for Oasmia, of which the share was 2.5 per cent.

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