Wednesday , September 28 2022

Goitom on the Future: "I know we kicked me off."


Physical labor, injuries, illnesses and dismissal.

Over the course of the year, the new team AIK had a hard time.

"But at one time we did not regret ourselves," said Captain Henok Goitom.

"I think we are strong minds: Nisse-Eric Johansson, in October after a heart attack (Daniel) starts with the lungs of Sundgren, and late (Robert) Lundström and Jesper (Nyholm, both injured).
1-0 Sunday), it is fun to pick up SM gold when there is too much adversity though it is 4 ~ 5 top class players not participating.

He is a player. AIK's gold can be made personally personal.

Henok Goitom returned to Sweden before last season following Spain and the United States. This year he posted AIK, including 12 goals and 5 goals.

But now the contract is lifted.

– I'll see if they kiss me! Goitom speaks with laughter.

– No, but we have a good tone and hopefully we'll fix it.

He added. About the future of AIK waiting for the current Champions League qualifier 2019:

"It's easy to feel the SM gold you feel. I'll fix it for a month now, but I'm not too happy.

"Fortunately, we have accumulated a lot of experience and are full of players, and we will see what we have lost, perhaps we can increase the dose at the rate of exercise.

What did you show this year?

– We are a team that can adapt to everything. In some games the opponent may have to have a ball, but we will never be stressed and we can go against the counter. Sometimes we always have a ball. We can play in a variety of ways like there is only one other team.

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