Monday , January 17 2022

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Since November 6, the ostensives in appetite have been infected with the flu. This year, all care centers receive a few days in open week open reception. But now the provincial governance of the landing is warning for ending, although all those who have to be approved are not committed. The business that the vaccine gives is not included if the demand is bigger or expected.

"This is our recommendation for risk groups and our staff to prevent and we need to determine how much we need before the vaccine is ordered. This year, it has taken a lot more than we expected , "said Britt Åkerlind.

How serious is the situation in Östergötland? Can the vaccine soon run?

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"It's so heavy on the country and it's no better in Ostergotland than otherwise. It's not as clear as we can get new doses, but it will be new.

According to Britt Åkerlind, the situation is still not "black", despite the seriousness.

– In addition, we have only a few cases of flu. However, there is enough time for anyone who wants to be intensified and will be able to do it. New teachers must come.

Serious groups that can be sold freely are people in age 65 who are swearing after week 16 and adults and children of six months with certain diseases. However, it costs 300 kronor for people outside the risk group to prevent them.

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