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Filip and Fredrik create a TV series for the book. Two Nutcracker and Moviebox


Filip Hammar and Fredrik Wikingsson create a documentary series for Duo's book Two Nutcracker and Moviebox. Photo: Margareta Bloom Sandebäck / Channel 5

Filip Hammar and Fredrik Wikingsson create a television in a book called "Two Nutcracker and Moviebox". The documentary series will be screened at Dplay on December 23 in four episodes. "History programs based mainly on the increase and decrease of what happened and why " Fredrik Wikingsson says.

As Spoiler Alert informed at the end of October, Filip Hammar and Fredrik launched a new project called "Filip and Fredrik presents" with Discovery Networks Sweden, which selects and packs domestic documentaries as well as international documentaries at Dplay.

When "Filip and Fredrik present" now begins in Dplay, "Two Nutcracker and Moviebox" becomes a four-part documentary series.

Fredrik Wikingsson says in the press release:

"This documentary series is new: a storytelling program based on the rise and fall of what has happened, but the series was also reinforced and questioned by the famous swedes in the middle of the batters when it happened, There is a poem and an opening to the eye. "

At the same time Duo is working on more documentaries called "One Day With", in which Filip and Fredrik "display and publish new pages of the most interesting people today".

When "Filip and Fredrik Presents" appeared live on Dplay, "Trompland with Filip and Fredrik", "Into the abyss," "Killing, a decent life," "Diog!", , "Nice People Deluxe" and "Digg's Most Recent Minutes – Prime Minister's Day in Filip & Fredrik".

"Two Nutcracker and Moviebox" premiered at Dplay on December 23 and is based on Filip Hammar and Fredrik Wikingsson's 2003 book.

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