Tuesday , October 26 2021

Fagerlund: The worst soccer ball


Create, manage, save.

There are enough synonymous to describe the final of the night between Rome and Real Madrid.

Reports: Real wins 2-0 and felt a bit better than they did before.

Honestly, this is probably the worst soccer ball in the world.

Note that the arena was given a mythical Olimpico, that the tournament itself was the Champions League and that Roma and Real Madrid were on the & # 39; the height was. There were then two clubs already ready for the course and they have their best to win a match at least as much as possible.

The surface was thin, the pressure a second too late, the intensity of non-existence. About eight months ago, euphoria has not been a bundle here I Giallorossi konu kauwen Berne in Barcelona in # quarter finals. Now they also have a lot of fun running Real Madrid, at least if they create the first half in the first half.

Roma made chances on …

When Aleksander Kolarov had refused a while further, the thought of one could save the show of the night. An increasing distance from the distance spends most hours without matches, but the ball smacks outside the left thibaut court and there is nothing more about.

Otherwise, Cengiz probably should probably be ridiculous. The only thing that led to turkey and netmasks was air, but his friend did not target the end. But in all, Rome had done well over 45 years.

Gareth Bale was shot dead

Then she put the shoe in the ground and thanked her. Or, Real can have some credit, to be sufficiently aware of the situation. Gareth Bale was first scored in a unique scoring and scored the goal. Robin Olsen's great ball has disappeared for a long time, but sometimes he needs to be able to handle the time of teammates as to deal with such a troublesome situation.

Otherwise, the Swedes had to do a lot. In total, Real six has a goal in the second overall final, four more than Roma. Lucas became the second player to finish in the scoreboard, when Alessandro Florenzi canceled the offside, and finally it became possible to find something in value in victory. Real Madrid has disappeared in the league game (the sixth place speaks for itself) and when Santiago Solari ultimately brushed, the agony was worse than ever.

Can not see …

2-0 against Roma and a group win in Champions League are hard enough for a club Los Blancos magnitude. They are in all directions championships with all that means. But maybe it still makes the wounds and gives a small waited egg.

Just one year ago, the impression of Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo, was never ever seen. There is just no one, but as long as they are there, we probably do not know it completely.

Come to the eighth final

They won the Champions League in 2010 00:53

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