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Dominika Percynski and Anders Borg for Children


An unpleasant couple appeared in the diabetic gala.


Nygifta and home from honeymoon.

Dominika Peczynski and Anders Borg now live as true spouses.

However, they have no plans for regular children.

"We can not please anyone," said Dominika Peczynski.

Dominica Petzynski, 48 and Anders Vogue, A 58-year-old who appeared together in a diabetic gala on Wednesday.

The couple yelled at the gallows. Dominika Peczynski himself is in the vicinity of the person with the disease.

"This kind of gala focuses on this problem, helps people to raise awareness and mobilize resources to help people, it's clear that it's joy and very useful," says Anders Borg.

Why they do not want more kids

I have been intense to the couple over the past few weeks. A week and a half ago they were married and shortly thereafter to Israel's Tel Aviv for a honeymoon.

"We had a wonderful wedding, a lot of love and warmth with very good friends, and we had a nice honeymoon in the heat, we were good at eating, feeling good and having time for each other," says Anders Borg .

Domika Peczynski fills up.

"If I had known that it was so fun to marry, I might have married before, now that I have passed away for a lifetime, but it turns out to be very ridiculous.


Anders Borg and Dominika Peczynski.

What's next in your life?

"Yes, we will continue for a while," says Dominika Peczynski.

Do you have any specific plans?

– Are we going to have children?


"No, I will not," said Dominica Fessynki, smiling.

"We too are old." The couple almost fell in love.

Anders Borg previously had three children, and Dominika Peczynski has a daughter.

"Diabetes Gala" is aired on TV3 and Viafree at 20:00.

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