Sunday , December 5 2021

Crisis meeting on vaccine defects – in Västerbotten only the risk groups are intimidating – P4 Västerbotten


When all the orders of data of influenza-free influenza now in & # 39; Sweden Provincial States, and also to other countries in Europe, there is a large number of vaccines in many places. In Friday, there are three authorities to discuss how to understand the elderly, the sick and the problem.

There is something already done in various provincial states, for example in western northeast.

"Yes, we went yesterday with a decision to make priorities for only risk groups, people over 65, with underlying illness and difficulty, telling Maria Tempé This is a deputy infected physician.

Even in Västerbotten, only people in intensive risk groups intensified.

"The patients first go into the medical risk group, we want to see if we have been tired of the people who have been left to these people," he said. Stephan Stenmark, infectious physician.

The Public Health Agency, Swedish Medical Asia, and the Municipalities and Provinces of Sweden will now try to discuss whether a national recommendation is needed to limit the vaccines of healthy people and the vaccine can only go to the risk groups , so says AnnaSara Carnahan at the Public Health Authority.

"It's a bit complicated because every province has bought individual impacts, but there are 1.5 million doses available here in Sweden providing provincial law permits, thus vaccines in Sweden.

But not everywhere?

"No, it seems to distinguish, and we build a better picture of that," she says.

That not everyone can have the vaccine have caused reactions, both in patient groups and under medical professionals.

"There are reactions, usually of healthcare professionals, who think they should get a vaccine, have to worry about patients who have risk groups," says Maria Tempé.

Dermatologist Stephan Stenmark would also want more contamination against flu.

"It's clear that we want as much as possible for the flu, to have a better immune system that has the group we have on group number. It is clear that it is unlucky that we fall into this situation , we can also be a little self-critical or in whole Europe, it seems. We ordered too little, he's been closed.

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