Friday , August 19 2022

Congratulations to Wayne Gretzky.


"Every night evening performance"

Elliot Peterson (20) drove the NHL into a storm.

Now Sweden's great talent is praised.

"We have a lot in common," Wayne Gretzky said.

Very good for Elias Peterson …

He scored 17 points (10 + 7) in his twelfth first game of the world's best hockey league 20 years ago, and now Congratulations Wayne Gretzky himself.

Lyrical Vancouver Canucks fans have already begun to parallel the legend of the 57 year old, so Canadian Sportsnet called him (Gretzky,) and decided to express his opinion on the comparison.

"Seeing this young man (at the NHL) entertains the audience and invites the show every night is a positive thing for our sport, but nothing. I had the opportunity to meet him twice and watched it so much fun. I'm playing hard, "says Gretzky of the radio station. SN 650.

"He is too smart"

Gretzky does not make a comparison.

– The comparison is about this sport. I think we have a lot in common. His ability to find a smart solution on his eyes and ice in the game is at least as good as the current one. He is so smart that he always knows where to place himself on ice. Vancouver fans are obviously excited because they have a strong body of young players, and Gretzky says that good things will happen in the city in the future.

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