Thursday , March 30 2023

Christmas trade is expected to set a record.


According to HUI Research's forecast for Christmas trade, retail sales in December are expected to increase 3.0% compared to December 2017, measured at current prices.

It is clear from the report on Christmas Trading 2018, which was released on Wednesday.
Grocery sales are expected to increase 3.5%, while retail sales are assumed

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HUI Research's predicted retail sales is 79.7
Earned $ 1 billion in trade this December.

Jonas Arnberg, CEO of HUI, said he would be back at the press conference
A new record that is not strange considering the economy
And households are purchasing more strongly at negative interest rates among others.

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"We think this Christmas is developing well, and the holidays are good.
You can shop on the weekend before Christmas. "He said.

"This will increase consumption," said HUI's analyst Erik Bergh. Eyes are especially good for fashion trends at the same time as jokers, as usual.

He also pointed out that there are many threats to Christmas trade in December.
Consumers can travel far away during work-friendly Christmas.
Netflix subscription and digital Christmas gifts such as video games, e-commerce
Foreign players, economic uncertainty due to unstable interactions, lack of eyes, and

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Trade goes to Black Friday in November.

"We saw November to gain sales share from December,
I set a new record for Black Friday this year, "he said.

Jonas Arnberg points out that Christmas trade is partially affected by Black Friday.
Consumption is moving from December to November, some are on the move.
More items on the price.

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"Sales increase, but profitability declines.
Black Friday, otherwise you will not get any customers. Is not it empty?
Shop ".

The new shopping season, which is growing at a slower pace, is the 11th Singles Day.
November is huge in China.

Jonas Arnberg said analyzing Christmas trade has become increasingly important.
Including the sale of November on a Black Friday and a Chinese day trip.

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He also said Christmas trade is becoming increasingly digital.
Without selling rare value items
Digital presence.

In 2017, Christmas trade grew by 1.8%. The sales are expected to increase more.
This year depends on retailers better calendars than anything else.
Empty day.

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