Friday , January 27 2023

Browse Sweden Rock Kolo


When the group members were younger, they all participated in the pop and rock collection and gave a lot.

"It gave us inspiration and puff in the right direction, and now we can help others with the same thing," says Moa.

What are the participants learning?

– Everything important in the industry. You need to play, make music, form a band, and move forward.

It is not clear at what date rock voting will begin, but it began several days before the actual Hard Rock festival began.

– We got a personal opinion behind the scenes and gave many thanks to the guitarist.

A meaningful name

This year, there will be groups like Rainbow, Def Leppard, and Kizz. So, I suspect that Skövdetjejerna probably will stay and listen to many concerts.

I recently returned from Korea, played at the Skövde Rock Festival, performed more at the Västegötlands Museum, and released a new record. What was the reaction to the plate?

– Through good work it finally came out. We have shown great interest in various media and other websites. "

This summer, a new adventure for members of the Browsing Collection awaits, but by then many things will happen.

See, thank God on Friday on Friday.

Watch or listen to One Time A Year.

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