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Björn Wahlroos releases Nordea from money laundering


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Nordea has been hot air for a long time. It is a criticism of the bank's move from Sweden, insufficient customer friendliness, and, in recent years, blame for money laundering. Bank president Björn Wahlroos was able to solve all problems at the Banking Annual Meeting.

– Money laundering is a bad idea. As a bank, we are a payment platform that handles millions of transactions without knowing everything. But over the past decade, we have worked hard to strengthen our control, he stressed.

According to him, Nordea has a resource of 500 million euros (around 500 million euros) to solve many problems. It is especially important to build new systems and strengthen routines.

Björn Wahlroos, chairman of Nordea, said many of our bank customers did not choose us.

Björn Wahlroos is also Chairman of Sampo, a Finnish insurance company that previously sold banking to Danske Bank. Some of the banks in Estonia later turned out to be places for Russian money laundering.

"There was something happened after the transfer, and I could not share that," he says.

But according to Björn Wahlroos, it is important that Russia's views have changed dramatically over the last decade. He does not want to develop the subject closer, but it seems to be corruption that has penetrated the other way from the east.

Regarding Nordeas In Sweden, the chairman of the board has no choice. The decision was inevitable because it was best for shareholders. But he would have wanted Nordea to maintain its headquarters in Stockholm.

"The issue has been discussed for years, including Treasury Secretary Magdalena Andersson, but it was impossible to find a suitable solution for the bank and we had to move on our side.

The main issue was Sweden's banking regulations, where Nordea was headquartered in Finland, part of the EU Banking Union, which made Nordea cheaper. This means lower requirements than Sweden.

Nordea's Swedish customers It is not very satisfactory as proven by various measurements. Björn Wahlroos admits that banks are not perceived as positive in Sweden.

Nordea is also the result of the merger. Many bank customers did not choose us, he stressed.

2018-11-09 00:55 In previous versions, € 500 million was reported incorrectly.

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