Friday , February 26 2021

Arbetsförmedlingen more – kommuner larmar – Nyheter

Work Var fjärde kommun saknar ett arbetsförmedingkontor. Arbetsförmedlingen its sedan 2015 will be responsible for more than 70 municipalities and more than that of the United States and the United States and Sweden (SKL) for the purpose of providing services, services and caretakers.

"We have been working for a job interview with the Nation and the Labor Party," said Per-Arne Andersson, chief of the SKL: s devotion for education and arbitration, pressmeddeland.

On the continuous web site contact you will find the replacement of the digital file and the up-to-date affiliate – but the SKL: s cartridge is the digitized solution that has been adapted to the managers who want them to work from arbetsmarkets.

"Brists of personal and local security service," said Per-Arne Andersson.

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