Sunday , October 17 2021

Apple: Iphone XR is our bestseller

With the latest media posts in the path, it's easy to believe that Apple's cheaper iPhone XR sales is surprising, especially for Apple's in & # 39; the United States has increased the $ 1000 change on older phone models when they are replaced by a model 2018, and perhaps especially after Apple lowered the price of a phone in Japan.

In what can be seen as a way to serve these tasks, Apple has said in a statement by Cnet that Iphone XR "our most popular iphone has been available since the day." The order is Greg Joswiaks, an Apple Header responsible for product marketing in Apple.

Probably, there is no way for others to check whether this is true, as Apple has recently decided (as most of its competitors no longer have the sales report of the unit sales.

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