Tuesday , May 11 2021

After the chaos – River Plate champion in Copa Libertadores

The first meeting of # Copa Libertadores final between Boca Juniors and River Plats has made a drawing. The match was played in mid-November and two weeks later, November 24th, the idea was that the recess would be played home on the river home. But then it did not.

Prior to the match, the Boca coach was attacked with stones and several players were injured. According to the BBC, more Boca players began to be the tear gas used by the police to stop the turmoil. After the scandal, the match was moved from Argentina, instead of playing in Madrid and last evening the meeting could be played.

The first half seemed to be, but in 44th minute Boca led the lead. The team went back quickly and Dario Benedetto was able to set in 1-0, freezing the runner goal.

At the beginning of the second, however, would be restored. After a fine move down the middle Lucas Pratto nearly gave the ball to a corner.

There were no more goals in regular time, so it could finally decide. That Boca Juniors Midfielder Walter Barrios appeared first after his second yellow card and the river could run forward.

At the beginning of the second expansion section, dividends were also received. After a short tussle with the defender, Juan Quintero finally left the field. The Kolumbianske dump the ball through the ball in the net.

At the end of the game Boca was a striking match of 2-2, but River Plate could expand 3-1 by Gonzalo Martinez.

After concluding the closure, the wild joy out and the rafting players went further while the Boca players wounded.

Starting elevens:

River Plate: Armani – Montiel, Maidana, Pinola, Casco – Fernández, Perez, Ponzio, Palacio, Martínez – Pratto

Boca Juniors: Andrada – Buffarini, Izquierdoz, Magallan, Olaza – Nandez, Barrios, Perez-Villa, Benedetto, Pavon

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