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After Dante, a grieving Swedish – a few quiet days took place in several places in the country.


It took a day now since the police asked for a press conference related to the search for the missing 12 – year – old Dante.

The local police chief Crystal Bartholosson We told us where we never wanted to hear. The police found a body that was likely to be Dante at the age of 12 in the Falkenberg search council.

– Today we found someone dead at 15:40. The deceased was not entirely clear, but news that Dante told Bartholdsson at a press conference was told to relatives.

Hundreds of people in Stortorget

The search for the boy lasted for three days and thousands of people contributed and contributed in different ways.

The tragic message the police announced about the dead boy on Friday night came as a shock to many, and no one remained married.

Hundreds of people gathered to remember Dante at Stortorget in Falkenberg on Friday night. The plaza melts with many candles, flowers and teddy bears. There is light on Saturday morning and sadness throughout Falkenberg.

Stortorget of Falkenberg. Image Source: Jonas Dagsson / TT.

The church in Falkenberg was open to the public on Friday night and evening prayer was organized. I wrote Expressen (Expressen).

Quiet moment before football game

Despite the fact that it was good for IF football club Falkenbergs this year, I was feeling better today. Instead of celebrating the Allsvenskan football league to be held next year, I honored 12-year-old Dante.

The club had a moment of silence to honor Dante just before the game started. Falcon Alcohol Free Arena There was a big "flag" in the stadium called "LOVE DANTE" with heartbeat and "DANTE".

Falkenberg IF started off with a silent moment. Image Source: Thomas Johansson / TT

"There is rural care"

Saturday afternoon, the evening reporter was published by Kronenikör. Bayern lanelli The history of sadness after 12 years of Dante.

"Warnings and sorrows are silent on the streets and in the plazas, there is a rural doctor in Sweden, not a deceased king or queen." The murderer is a young boy called Dante, as he wrote about the sorrows of Sweden for Dante It is only a small part of his chronology.

A quiet person on Saturday night.

Saturday night, Dante spent a quiet time in many parts of the country. The Facebook group "Dante 12 years – Minnessida" posted a quiet time on a post on Facebook on Saturday.

"On Saturday 10/11 we will have a quiet time all over the country for Dante at 20:00. Together we can accept and support the family and respect Dante's memory."

Kyle Wilkins The Facebook group started shortly after receiving tragic news that Dante was found dead, like many others.

"I started this group because I need to support each other and support my family on the forum, a forum where I can gather ideas from one place and find family comfort. Nyheter24.

The group currently has 4,100 members. Already yesterday, Kyle announced a quiet day at 8 o'clock on Friday night.

"It was not as much as I had seen it on time, and after 8 o'clock, I started sharing Facebook posts, so Saturday night I got back to quiet time and spread more," News24 said, "this post has spread 9000 times.

At night, hundreds of people in the group share photos and show light candles in public places and places they gather at home.

Even Halland Transport buses stood on Saturday night for a quiet time to commemorate Dante throughout Hallet.

Image Source: Hallandstrafiken / facebook

Nyheter24 I have previously described how Dante is a person. You can read more about this!

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