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937 days later Johaug: "nervous"


It was 937 days since Therese Johaug last compete in the snow when he comebacked on Friday.

– She will definitely be nervous. We talked a bit about it. Koala Pål Gunnar Mikkelsplass speaks to NTB.

Theresa Johaug was last seen on 937 days, almost 134 weeks, 22 488 hours on Friday. According to Paul Gunnar Mikkelsplass director, the craving for return is rude. She just wants to compete.

"It is difficult for other practitioners to understand how this process went to Therese, she was ready to come back early, but the break was extended, which is a pretty tough psychic, but she has been strengthened through it, Mikkelsplass says.

"I will deal with it"

Comebacken is a classical style over 10 km from Beitostølen. Coach knows that winter does not stand and depends on this particular race, but I still feel it is important to get to know the media for the first time in a long time.

– She will handle it, but it would be nice to finish it. She is very happy, but she will also be very nervous. We talked a little about it. Tension helps you do what you need to do. "Says Mikkelsplass.

The fact that Therese Johaug did not compete in the eyes for a long time prevented her from nerving her competitors. For a long time, it was wiped and wondered what a 30-year-old superform was.

In her comeback tournament in August, she completed two Charlotte colors on the rollerblading of the steep Lysebotn Opp.

Charlotte Kalla said, "I knew this was right for me, but I'm afraid to hear it is 1.47."

Experts believe in Johaug.

Ski expert Mathias Fredriksson believes in Johaug this winter.

"I'm sure she will play a big part in the winter.I think Therese is even better before she quit when she was amazing.He can go at least as fast.It becomes important and she is very lucky to appear I think it's good. "Fredrickson tells Preston.

Johaug's latest ski passes gave FIS points. It was just launched in Beitostølen in April 2016, which won two championships in the Norwegian championship. A few weeks later I won the Skarver Network. In October of the same year she reportedly tested positive for Clostebol in a doping test after using cream on her lips.

Background: Johaugfallet

In September 2016, Therese Johaug, in his own words, received a trophodermin from the national team Fredrik S Bendiksen to treat broken lips at a senior Italian camp. She will conduct a doping test for anabolic steroid clostebol a few weeks later.

In October, Johaug was terminated during the investigation, and in February 2017 the Norwegian Sports Federation decided that the closure would be 13 months. The International Ski Federation (FIS) will entrust the case to the Astralia Arbitration Tribunal Cas, which will be extended to 18 months in August 2017, and Johaug is missing OS in Pyeongchang.

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