Monday , September 26 2022

22-year-old stabs sand with a knife – the court imposes life sentence – News (Ekot)


– These are repeated and serious violent crimes in which only temporary circumstances have meant that no one or anyone has lost their life. Life imprisonment is, in my opinion, a reasonable punishment, says prosecutor Adam Rullman.

The Court of Appeal finds that it has been proven that the 22-year-old intended to kill his victims when he ran central Vetlanda and stabbed seven randomly selected men with a kitchen knife. The Court of Appeal thus makes a somewhat stricter assessment than the district court, and is of the opinion that the man’s intention in particular means that the penalty values ​​for his actions are greater.

But there can be no more severe punishment, because the man in the previous copy got all his life. The defense appealed against the district court’s ruling, hoping to get a fixed term and a change in criminal classification from attempted murder to aggravated assault in court. That will not be the case.

– I intend to continue the judgment with my head. We’ll see if he’s happy or if he wants to appeal again. His attitude is that he did not intend to deprive anyone of life at all, says defense lawyer Andreas Gudemo.

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