Sunday , October 24 2021

Young people with a lack of knowledge about the responsible use of screens


According to the company, the program is responsible for the use of screens in the framework of the project Lizze say no dependence, co-financed by the Ministry of Health. Vice-President of the Society Zalar has acknowledged that the Society has worked for many years in the area of ​​†<†<preventative, which raises the use of screens and contributes to obesity among young people.

This year, with the help of the ministry, has the problem of over-and-off use of screens that the website has on the & # 39; The psychological development of young people has the problem. The program was first performed at the Primera School of Vič in Ljubljana, while the individual content parts of the program were also carried out by the Youth Center Krško.

To help young people spend too much time on the screen, the simple use, accessibility and attractiveness of web and other content, enabled by digital technologists, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, contribution to the development of the game , said Darija Cvetko, an expert expert.

The program consists of six thematops or six workshops for pupils and a parent workshop. In the future, the company will organize training for the organizers of the program so that its expense and development guarantee.

The writer and program provider Sašo Kronegger says that young people are only aware of any information they share with the broad world with their mobile devices and computers, and they do not think of the long-term consequences of their actions.

The desire of society is that such programs should be permanent in primary schools. Not only in schools, there is a problem there are teenagers of different ages, parents, pedagogues and all the youth who come in their magazine, are written in a press release.

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