Tuesday , November 30 2021

Woods – Michelson is a new opportunity for golf


Las Vegas – The golf world waits for a fruity duo Tiger Woods in Philo Michelson on the Shadow Creek Golf Coure in Las Vegas The Match, many in the duel also see the opportunity for golf to get another form of exciting competition. Essentially, it is a dual-duel from California, a playground in Nevada and nine million American herbs, of course, featured with American show and media attention. Thus, an official press conference is expected in # gaming metropolitan, where the rival in # 39; the style of boxers just to be in sight. However, there are many leaflets, including a stick, both of them laughing at the heart rate conversation.

The former defenders have been good friends in recent years and have chosen a new problem in the form of golf. It is a streak of two stars, which will be more exciting than other matches, where spectators are sometimes watching hours that are not even interested in hours and hours. The additional show is made by the microphones that have players in the device, and the spectators can see the interaction between the two athletes.

"It's a duel that has to be influenced by the spectators, I'm very happy about this, it's a whole new thing," said Woods in an interview with US TNT. He also agrees with Michelson, who says about the new form of the game: "Note that the duels are being broadcast by pay-TV, there will be no ads for advertisements, and the viewers can see what we are seeing on the field and say it. "The assault will be on Friday, as people in the United States celebrate Thanksgiving, and the spectators pay $ 20 for the spectacle. It's a lot of time-consuming, or it will be broadcast by a few European television. With the fact that it starts at 21:00 CET, it will likely have a lot of viewers on the Alde Kontinent.

Both players can appear for an exceptional career. Houten has listened to 80 career PGA skaters and has 14 titles at major tournaments Major. Michelson won the five largest tournaments and 43 PGA tournaments. Years ago they had serious rivals, like Woods's four-year-old compatriot in his youth.

To have good golf, White Woods also has a unique rivals. "Tiger brought golf to the headlines of newspapers, of course, we were a big rivals, but it was exceptional." "When I won, he won three times." And Michelson adds, "I play at the same time on Friday, after so many tournaments, I have the opportunity to get back again." Woods get a chance of humor: "Over 20 years I'm strangely strangled, but see who has the most victories, and he knows that the end of the day."
It is also scientifically advisable that the player agreed that the prize fund would eventually receive one of the charity organizations.

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