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Victoria Beckham will expand their empire and become a role model


After the feast of her ten anniversary this year and shows that despite its first losses its brand power, Victoria Beckham is known to start making beauty and fashion with tips on making and styling.

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The methodology you have to have this autumn, fueled by Victory Beckham # image

Fashion designer Victoria Beckham Fans in Instagram learned the news that they can follow in the YouTube channel, where they play a real role, such as one of them. the popular stars today.

In her announcement she used the legendary group of her former Spice Girls group, saying that her followers on the channel get what they really want, what they really want to really do. is related to the well-known Wannabe song.

The official date of the first video is still unknown.

Victoria Beckham

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She has ten years old boy

When Victoria Beckham was slain ten years ago, she came up with a lot of criticism and complaints about the fact that she was not found, but her people and followed her dreams. The market had a lot of problems at the beginning, losing 12 million pounds in the first eight years (or 13.3 million euros), but Victoria believed it all the time.

This year, the company got a new boost, a strong financial injection, an investment of £ 30m (€ 33m), and a new president, a French businessman Ralpha Toledana.

With the collection Spring-Summer 2019, presented in September, was a new chapter of Revived Designers & # 39; started, or it was named after the fashion show by many British media.

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Victoria Beckham stands on a market that formerly loses millions of photos of #photo

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