Friday , July 30 2021

They learn a body from a man & # 39; e stream

LENART – At noon, police bureau & # 39; s were informed that the firefighters in & # 39; a Velka stream through a possible contamination from & # 39; a stream to a burn in & # 39; A company in Lenart was in a water channel. Taking samples of water from the stream, the beacons found a body that was clearly there for a long time. Police and criminals found that an unknown man's body was found in a stream.

Fire at the waste management in Lenart. PHOTO: PGD Benedictus

Together with the dead block, they made a tour. In addition, they have found that there are no signs of violence on the body. A sanitary autopsy is set up to attempt the identity, cause of death, and other circumstances of & # 39; find the found.

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