Wednesday , May 12 2021

The merits are difficult, do they want to be curious?

The highest Christmas season is 3000 euros, but only in one company. What are the companies who do not know anything for their employees?



Employees of what companies can expect more celebrations? Compensation of successful success in the form of a Christmas party.

PERFORMANCE PERFORMANCE The workers can pay up to 100 percent of the last known average monthly slave in Slovenia without paying the personal income taxes. It is a business savings payment that is defined as an integral part of salary (according to the law governing employment management relationships (thirteen salaries, Christmas days, New Year's).

For Christmas, they can wake this year under their noses at Termoelektrarna Šoštanj, Holding SYacht stations, telecommunications companies A1 Slovenia and Cimos (where they do not want to participate in the survey).

Whether they give the employees a holiday party, they are still debating on Geoplin, Post, Zavarovalnica Triglav, Gorenje, and the bank's obligation.

Warranties are paid, but they do not want to announce how much Unicredit, Sport Lottery, Trade Shows, Pomstrand Construction and Telecommunications Telegraph.

Up to 500 euro

The lowest Christmas bean will be received by all the employees of the Mercator trading system; 200 extra brutal will be welcome for merchants who have not seen these prizes for many years.

A few more get the employees in Lidl, where they broke 260 euros. In contrast to Mercator, the last year was charged in debt, 11 million reports were reported in Lydl dacar. Her Christmas costume for employees is only a few pies with a wealthy table.

Employees of 'Ljubljanske mlekarne', which have been operating lasting five years with five million profits, can hope they spend more than five hundred euros on the # get it.

Up to 1000 euros

The accounts of the employees of Nova Kreditna banka Maribor will grow this year by 918 euros. A little more – 969 euros can be expected by Eleswurkers. Thousands are published on the Sava Insurance Company and the Postojna Cave company.

Radar are pharmacists, not relatively

With State Telecom, employees can expect 1143 euros, while state-run gasoline employees receive 1200 euros. Another hundred euro is expected by Gen-I employees.

The highest levels in this period are traditionally obtained by employees in Krka and Lek. Your accounts will be rich for 1309 and 1330 euros. An amount that is only at age one, such as both business and earnings, pays the price just a spit on & # 39; the sea is.

In LTH Kasting they get three thousand

The light years of prejudice of others is LTH Casting, who gets their employees gratefully cheated with three thousand dollars. With 33 million euros of profits last year, this would not be a great result for managing the company.

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