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The men of the village sang with a new member

12/9/2018 | 15:00

The boys from the village were invited to the 22st Miklavž Konsert.

Škocjan – Folk Singers Boys from 39 villages that are part of # 39; e Cultural Association dr. Generation of Knoblehar Škocjan, December December saw a fun evening of singing. Last week they are invited to the traditional, though it is 22. Miklavž concert in the restaurant Luzar.

People singers of Vrhpolje

The public did not let this time, and the crowd was happy to listen to the folk song. As usual, they did not let them go back to their old folklore, they did not. Boys do not sing alone, they also gathered for years. Her archive has already recorded more than 400 recorded songs, often called "old people", that are no longer today. They sing much for events in the local community and in Slovenia, and this year they worked twice in Austria.

In this group, alongside the old "old" singers – the leaders Jože Krmec, Franz Žnidaršič Ludvik Gorenc, Darinka Bratkovič, Silva Pajka and Stane Klobučar – He also song a new member Franci Vodopivc.

Stunned on the work of Scots Boys from villages that constantly sing and muse our musical tradition, the mayor Joze Kapler.

On the event leads Anita Petrič, Boys from the village invite their friends, folk singers from each other. So there were adult singers of Vrhpolje, Lojze Ogorevc and Pleteršnik's folk singers, village singers from Šentrupert and Čušperski godsci from Grosupelj's. At the end, they all saw the famous and beautiful folk song Herne.

Text and picture: L. Markelj

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