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The leadership of the league is Doncic, which tries to try the streets on Clippers

Luka Doncic reached a new booth in the NBA league against Milwaukee Bucks. He became the second youngest basketball player to play a double in the strongest league in & # 39; to record the world. But the Slovenian strange boy would at times substitute his personal achievements for his Dallas victory, which is currently in the midst of a series of four next defeats. They will try to break the set for front home fans if they move with LA Clippers.

Luka DončićExclusively, and Dallas Mavericks lose their matches. In this way we can describe the first weeks in 2019 in & # 39; a back. In & # 39; The eleven races this year have won the Texas team only three times this year and it seems more and more of the cities that lead to the final after the end of their regular work. Mavericks have 20 wins and 26 reports in the past 46 matches, and they rank 13 in & # 39; a West. For the eighth place, which is currently being held by the Utaz Jazza team and the last one that leads to the end, they are left behind for six wins & # 39; Left behind, assuming the rivals are losing them at all, all of them are losing matches, and Mavericks are all winning.

The 2011 champions are currently in the middle of a series of four consecutive resistances, hoping this negative success will occur in & # 39; Ending the benefit of international supporters at the American Airlines Center. The opponent is the band of Los Angeles Clippers, which is not in a beautiful form in recent times. Also legendary people Doc Riverswere in the middle of a series of four next decades until they entered San Antonio in & # 39; defeated a final match and kept the city kept until the finish by the end of regular work. The only Christmas population in this season was the rank of the angels that fought with 12512. Doncic had one of & # 39; The best evenings in the NBA league were he scored 32 points. Of course, before the new travel model, it was also spoken at the visitor's press conference."I don't know if I ever wanted to start a new one because I wanted to watch for a long time now. Larry Birdin Magic Johnsonin one, "was chosen by the coach, who won a title in 2008 in the NBA with Boston.

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Penalty for Luko
Even before the game was played with Clippers, the Slovenian wonders were also punished by the first penalty in & # 39; the most powerful basketball league in & # 39; e world. NBA's leadership has recorded $ 10,000 (€ 8,800) in a match with Yndiano and the ball between the fans. At a limited game, Luka played two technical errors and therefore a first in & nbsp; NBA. The limited match became famous by the European championship from 2017, when it was in the next game, when the Texas team in Milwaukee played, a new historical migrant came. He became the second youngest player to (at the same time) get a two-digit number in one-game NBA in three statistical terms. He scored 18 points, 11 rebels and 10 assisted against Bucks. And then, it said, Luka Luka was unlikely to replace his (necessary) victories of his team. A new chance follows Clippers.


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