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A mystery to celebrate Miki's 90th anniversary at the Los Angeles Shrine Auditorium. Photo: AP

This time, an exhibition dedicated to the prestigious era of Disney heroes takes place in Amsterdam. Photo: EPA

Without the balloons in the visible Mickey Silhouette, it's not even a New York parade for Thanksgiving. Photo: EPA

What is Miki Miška without a Mini Mouse companion? The comic hero has already appeared in Willie's Steamboat movie and has shared his & # 39; birthday & # 39; with Mike. Photo: EPA

90 years since he first appeared on the canvas

November 18, 2018 09:54,
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Mišek Miki is considered a good, honest and patient hero. In particular, video games are more playful and stubborn.

It is one of the heroes who can learn more. Walt Disney It marks the 90th anniversary of the first public appearance. Interestingly, red short pants and a yellow-bellied mouse have turned into rabbits for cartoons about happy rabbits Oswald in Japan over the past few days, foreign media reported.

Disney has designed Miki Miška, a new character, that lost Oswald's image rights. He published it publicly in a short cartoon for the first time on November 18, 1928. Steamboat Willie, It was screened at Colony Theater in New York. He designed the mouse nicely. Ub IwerksIn the first cartoon, Walt Disney lent his voice to himself.

From cartoons to TV and video games
Ordinary Appearance Miki Miška has grown into one of Walt Disney's best-known animated characters in the mere characters of animated films and manga. To date, Miki Miška has appeared in over 100 films. At first, for example, in a shorter production Band concert (1935) or A brave little tailor (1938), became a popular cartoon hero.

Later, he moved to television and was a leading actor between 1955 and 1996. Mickey Mouse Club, But today is the current series. Mickey Mouse And Mickey and the Roadster Racer. Mišek also appeared in several feature films, one of the first feature films. Fantasia Since 1940, and among the last ones Mickey's twice on Christmas Since 2004.

Ten comics starring Miki Miška were nominated for Oscars as short films, and in 1942, Borrow your foot.. Except for movies and press, the famous mouse is also a hero video player, motivating a variety of products and making Disney theme park visitors delighted. In 1978, he became the first cartoon hero to be honored with a star in the famous stalls of Hollywood celebrities.

"Bounce" instead of Rabbit Oswald
If Disney had not lost the right to the first animation project for Lucky Hound Oswald on Universal Pictures, the fate of Mickey Mouse could change.

These days it was an interesting discovery. Yasushi Watanabe (84), a young man in Osaka today, wrestled for about $ 4 worth of wrestling and bought an animated clip to discover that it was Disney's work in the animated series. Lucky Rabbit Oswald, They began to create in 1927.

Watanabe admitted this film when he read a piece of the 26-page short film about the Osvald bunny mentioned above that lost it. Journalists summarizing the story of Finder contacted Disney's archive and confirmed that the title was one of the missing pieces. Neck & Neck, According to French news agency AFP. Previously, news about the discovery of the Oswald movie was found, one of which was found in Norway in 2014.

Symptoms of nausea and depression
Due to its ubiquity in popular culture, Miki Miška has become a symbol of Walt Disney. Walt Disney has a countertop brought an unprecedented amount of hubs and the United States itself, and is therefore a popular means of anti-American satire like underground cartoons Mickey Mouse in Vietnam (1969). Over the past decade, the creators have made this possible. The Simpsons In South ParkThere they enjoyed a giggling of Disney's mega cartoons.

In terms of slang, references to Miki Miška may be trivial, amateur, or trivial. In the second part of the cult Botra, For example, Fredo is based on the fact that he cheated on his brother Michael Corleone for what he always did not do: "Fred sends this, Fred sends it! Make a kind of nightclub Mickey Mike!" Demolition The ferocious Stallone (Sly Stallone) blames artificial intelligence systems with poor functioning. "Turn it on! Kill it! Kill it now, Mickey Mouse shit!"

On the island, Miki Miška may be a synonym for poor quality or forged. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher called the European Parliament "the Miki Miška Parliament" in the early 80s.

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