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Life-Achievement Award winner Jani Bavcer sought the writer based on "My Country" and many Slovenians expressed their consciousness that there was a drink called milk. "Jani said the fruit is good and we know how to handle it in exceptional juice and baby food," the jury wrote, "at least there is no father or mother to eat half of Frutka." Photo: RTV Slovenia

Mura, Fructal, Paloma … All of these things were once my country. So in a short, dreaming moment, everyone in Slovenia was connected, confident and successful.

Lifetime award winner Jania Bavcer
Table Rex

The Association of Designers of Slovenia honored Rex Kralj d. O. Photo: Rex King

Capsule airford

Among the winners of the awards ceremony, design achievements include Robert Klun and Tomaž Gorjup for AirPod capsules. Passenger capsules at airports and other public places provide privacy, relaxation or work in a special space that can be comfortably installed at various locations in the seat. Photo: Foot 202

Recognized by the Slovenian Designer Association

November 14, 2018 21:17
Ljubljana – MMC RTV SLO, STA

Jana Bavcer has won the Lifetime Achievement Award for the Slovenian Designer Association and has won five awards for design achievements, special recognition and honorary membership.

The jury was formed this year. Irena Kubank, Mate Zapater, Natasha Rain, Hubertoshiroka, We can also make glass. In Peter Zamsek.

A special acknowledgment of the design surplus was given to the ten-year management of the project. Peter Zamsek, Honorary members have been dedicated to the company by the jury. Rex Kralj d.o.o.

Our country, Mura, Goose, Paloma …
For lifetime reward Johnny Babacar They came out of "my land" and wrote that they displayed the consciousness of the Slovenes in the thought that there was a drink called milk. "Jani told us that the fruit was delicious and we were able to taste it in exceptional juice and baby food. Certainly there is no father or mother in her young girl who did not eat more than half of Frutka,"The jury wrote.

At the same time, Jani, a genuine Slovenian well-behaved Primorec, showed his respect for wine. He created a number of wine labels to give the wine a key seal to compete with the world's best competitors. "Mura, Fructal, Paloma … all this and much more was my land. So in a short and dreamy moment all people in Slovenia were connected, confident and successful."It's still a logical basis.

Food image Teresa's Choice
Nini Hercules In Matejimartini The jury recognized the design achievements of the image of Teresa Choice food. The authors used Tereza subscribers' images as their primary motivation, ensuring inconspicuous visibility. The jury believes that the most likely bias in the general hierarchy of basic graphics rules and information delivery is that the Tereza products differ significantly from the rest of the commercial shelf offerings.

A passenger for the capsule AirPod
Also Robert Clunton In Tomaju Goal They won the design award for the AirPod capsule. Passenger capsules at airports and other public places provide privacy, relaxation or work in a special space that can be comfortably installed at various locations in the seat. Products with subscribers Magnet DesignThe jury redefines the modern life culture according to the beliefs of the jury, solves the congestion problem of the individual, and creates an integrated environment.

Gem Collection olgafacesrok / OfR Jewelry
Awards awarded to judges Come Koshica In Rokumarinsk Their latest jewelry collection. The winners of the olgafacesrok / OfR brand represent fashion jewelry collections with strong message value. collection fancy It reflects the concept of a bold, provocative and dramatic collection. Punk The Hong Kong subway is powered by a pan-sub culture of sci-fi aesthetics of the day and movies of the day. 2046, collection Visit again With 3D printing technology, 3D organic, realistic plant motif freezes in ice or polyamide powder.

Image of the Jubilee Magazine SVS Newsletter
This recognition also received design achievements. Mateja Škofič For the jubilee magazine Newsletter SVS. This year's theme was published by the Slovenian Association of Old Slovenian Vehicles (SVS) Anton Kodelyi. A regular image of a regularly published magazine and a clear design distinction represent the uniqueness of this edition.

Signatures and Images Cankar of comics
The final approval of the design achievements was devoted to Cankar's symbols and images in his comic book. Petr Sene Owen. A designer who wrote an expressive brush stroke painted a Cankar mustache, a ubiquitous artist who was perceived as a prominent attribute to the target public. The Cankar prints in the comic book were written on a rational basis to supersede the verbal part of the symbol or the function of the logo.

The Association of Designer of Slovenia was selected as the 11th year winner of this year and the awards ceremony was held at Cankarjev dom.

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