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  • According to the Chair of the Workers' Council in Luka, the task of troubleshooting an IPS is the same task for the same payment.
Luca Copper

Luka Koper promises a series of fuses to protect agency workers against abuse by IPS companies or "harbor bosses" Photo: BoBo

A triple solution to the IPS problem continues.

November 14, 2018 21:43

Luka Koper announced that 346 brokers will be hired next month. At the same time, they are committed to fuses to protect workers from IPS company or "harbor bosses" infringements of workers 'rights and workers' violations.

The announcement of the bid is part of the three solutions to the IPS problem, so some of the workers who have worked so far in Koper Port will do so-called work. A direct employee of Luke Koper's "Luchkih gazd" will work part of the worker in Lucca through the agency and the third pillar will provide full service in the fulfillment of the external contractor.

Luka Koper investigates 346 jobs for five employees through general workers, controllers, truck drivers, forklifts and freight forwarders. The tender is divided into 10 lots and each agency can apply for up to 3 lots. This means that at least four other agencies are calling.

Hughes for abuse
Bidding applications must have a workforce license, and agency selection is based on four criteria in addition to price, grade, qualifications and references. According to the chairman of Luka Koper, Dimitrij Zadel, & quot;In our opinion, there will be many safeguards against the employees of these agencies, which will not lead to negligence or cheating. irregular"The cost estimate or order quantity is € 13.6 million, the institution selection is valid for one year and the process is repeated. The bank deposit is also taken into account for the quality of the € 50.000 work and the seriousness of the proposed amount of € 10,000.

The contract also includes social clauses if the contract has been endorsed by the competent authority to terminate the contract with the end result of violation of labor, environmental or social regulations or at least two violations of compensation for work, compensation, rest and illegal employment. It's possible. A final fine for crime has been imposed. The leader of the working group, Branko Vodopija, who is preparing the bid, Luka keeps a record of the worker's existence and sends the data to the agency, which then bills the agent and sends Luka the price.

Is it a letter from the owner of the port or legalization?
Chairperson of work council Mirko Slosar The second pillar said that the change welcomed not hurting current employees. "Emphasizes that all rights will be equal because an employee of an agency will work under the same terms and conditions of payment as those of Luka KoperIn the near future, Luka Koper added that it will require a third pillar of the employment model, an external contractor.

It is anticipated that the 20-year-old IPS business system will end, with an average of more than 700 employees working daily at the Lugan port via IPS companies and "port barges." An essential part of this business model is MMC, an unpredictable worker, and repetitive reports of additional work or "overtime" overtime and payouts. Some IPS companies are likely to continue their activities at Kope of Port. Some IPS companies are already legitimate this time because they have already filed an application to provide work to users or to perform agency activities for employee mediation.

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